The Golden Spike Snowmobile Association was founded on December 9th, 1965 and was founded by Dr. Keith Stratford. In January 1967, members adopted an emblem and gave their approval to have decals made for their snowmobiles. In February 1969, GSSA officers starting attending the Utah Snowmobile Association's (USA) meetings. Additionally, Dr. Stratford held an officer position on the USA Board of Directors. In December 1971, the "The Flurry" was created. The "Flurry" became the official publication and was used as a way to disseminate club news and information to members. The 1990-1991 season marked the first of the monthly dinner meetings. The first dinner meeting was held at Jim's Family Restaurant on Washington Blvd, Ogden, Utah.

Although technology has changed our way of life, GSSA really doesn't operate any different than it did in it's early years.